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Tips When Buying Koi Fish

Koi is a type of freshwater fish that is ideally collected and bred by people as a form of hobby. Due to the inherent and natural colors as well as the durability of this species of fish, it’s no longer a secret that a lot of people fancy it as a hobby.

So if you are contemplating on purchasing Koi for the first time, it is imperative that you know what you should be buying. Although buying appears to be a pretty straightforward process and does not really have to be complex, there actually are several things you need to learn first.

The first thing you want to ensure is you buy from a credible and legitimate source. It’s not like every Koi out there is the same, which means that you might end up getting one that’s unhealthy or did not undergo quarantine measures. Figuring out the legitimacy of the seller is crucial because that’s the only way for you to find out where the Koi fish originated.

In buying Koi, another important reminder is to make an actual visit to the shop. Never intend to purchase the fish if you only saw it online via pictures and videos. It’s never the same to that of buying an iPhone or computer. The actual visit allows you to examine the fish closely, the purpose is obviously to see if it is healthy and does not wear any fungus or parasites.

As a potential buyer, you have the right to ask pertinent questions about the fish, including its history. You never should proceed with the purchase of the Koi if the seller does not disclose its origin and the manner it was transported.

You also want to know if the fish underwent quarantine and for how long. The most ideal quarantine period is three weeks at least.

Of course, you would want to learn the common types of Koi. The truth is it makes zero sense if you don’t know what you’re getting because you might end up getting disappointed with the kind of Koi you got. Put in mind that if you choose a young Koi, there’s certainty that its color will change once it grows older. If you are very particular about colors and markings, you should consider buying a fully-grown Koi.

As for your specific Koi type choices, you get the liberty to pick from a wide range of variants, including the Bekko, Hakari Muji, Hakari Utsuri, Asagi, Kin Gin Rin, and Kohaku, with each one of them having distinctive colors and markings for your picking.