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What To Consider In Buying A French Bulldog When you get serious about buying a French bulldog, then are some considerations to make. The suitable one for you will be the best dog to buy. It is a big decision to make and the better informed you are the easier the choice. The gender issue has to be the first thing to look out for. Know if you will require a male or a female one. In the case that you have a male in the house, then you might consider a female one. This makes it not easy but early socialization in the puppyhood will help to alleviate future problems on which ever sex you decide. Dealing with the male breed is quite easy. Males are also known to be nicer in look as the typical French bulldog traits are more pronounced. Females on the other hand tend to be cleaner and sweeter in character. There are several colors found out there and you are required to pick one among them. For the females, white or cream will do since they hardly get themselves dirty. The males can go for black, fawn or chocolate. The brindle dogs are said to be the healthiest while the white ones are the most sensitive. There are those who require them in special colors which are rare to find and tend to be costlier.
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The puppy’s back side should be quite short. Some of these things are the basics that need to be taken care of. The legs should not be like a fashion models’s but rather stocky and firm. Ensure that they are square shaped from the backline to the legs. Ensure that you check how deep the chest is since this puppies tend to have a very nice deep chest.
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Consider having one with a large head despite the body being in a small frame. All of them have a wrinkly muzzle which is flat. Although some of the traits do change as time goes by, these traits are likely to be carried through to adulthood. Do not consider a fat dog to be healthy, instead get one that is lean but muscular. French bulldogs are well known for their large bat ears. People always love them as large as possible and standing to attention as early as possible when young. These dogs are naturally friendly and well natured and hence are a good companions of the human race. These dogs love being around a family which makes them perfect s pets. The dogs as super loyal to the owner and in such a case they are good especially to the elderly people. The dogs are meant to be happy and therefore human attention is required. They do not walk or run for exercises and therefore consider keeping them out of the exercise regime.People love these kind of dogs due to their friendly nature.