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Improving Home Security

The most noticeable access to a house is a door. Ironically, such statement is recognized as truthful by both homeowners and burglars. The FBI recognizes that 65 percent of burglaries happen by forcibly opening an exterior door into a home, making a reinforced exterior door one of the simplest means for homeowners to promptly improve the security of their homes.

When increasing door security, homeowners need to first inspect their existing outer doors. Most evidently, doors must be rock-solid, preferably solid wood or metal, with particleboard doors (if any) lined up for urgent replacement.

Also, make sure that every exterior door has a deadbolt lock because the lock inside a doorknob can be overcome using nothing but a screwdriver to push the doorjamb out, and then let loose the lock. Homeowners must examine their current deadbolts to ensure that the throw bolts extend no less than one inch past the door’s edge, and that it isn’t wobbly or shaky in any way. In case the throw bolt doesn’t measure an inch or wobbles in its casing, then it’s time to change the lock.

The two flat metal plates are the strike plates of the deadbolt that box the throw bolt from every side each time the doors are closed. One metal plate is situated on the door’s side, the other on the side of the door jamb. The strike plates have to be inspected as well by unfastening the screws that attach these plates to the door and door jamb. The screws should at least be 3 inches long. If not, then it’s time to replace them. This is likewise a good time to inspect the door and door jamb themselves.
Security – Getting Started & Next Steps

When purchasing substitute deadbolts, it’s vital for a homeowner to keep in mind that sturdy doors are perhaps the single very important part of their security system at home. As such, it is not wise to look for the cheapest possible option. The American Standards Institute/ANSI categorizes deadbolt locks into Grade 1 — the most superior locks — Grade 2, and Grade 3. It is strongly suggested that homeowners go for the Grade 1 deadbolt, which they should be able to buy from a locksmith nearby, and insist on Grade 2 deadbolts as the lowest measure for their home security.

The general idea is for homeowners to consider attaching heavy-duty strike plates into their doorjambs in place of the types that complement deadbolts since this type of plate significantly reinforces home security at very little cost.

When new deadbolts and strike plates, together with longer fastening screws are in place, the homeowner may proceed with the installation of fresh deadbolt locks. By installing them on every exterior door, the homeowner will have supported the entry point, keeping two-thirds of burglars away and significantly improving the security of their homes.The Beginners Guide To Locks (From Step 1)