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Understanding Dog Grooming Similar to good grooming that we humans must observe, our pet is helpless when it comes to this especially when they are deprived from rolling on the ground, lick their coats or chew at their fur. So even when they are allowed to do all these, they still need help at grooming because it is not just about looking and smelling good. This is because good dog grooming includes taking into consideration the overall health condition of your dog. An example of this is brushing their coats several times a week which is not only done so that it will prevent hairballs from forming but is also a good method for enhancing performance and health. Dog grooming actually allows you to see health conditions before they even get worse or threaten you dog’s life. Taking a look inside the ear and sniffing it is an important routine check for dogs. They should smell like absolutely nothing. If the ears are red and swollen, dirty, and stinks then you can tell at once that something is wrong or there is an infection inside.
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A dog that is particularly active does not need regular nail trimming since their activities already keep their nails in their proper condition. But if you see that their nails are already unusually long including the dew claws on the inner pads, it is time to trim them so that they will not grow into their toe pads and skin which can cause pain and infection.
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When doing complete dog grooming you need to take time and great care and physical ability with the use of the right tools and methods of doing them. When you let a grooming professional handle these tricky procedure, they can do it safely and more humanely because this is what they are trained to do. Not every groomer is perfect so you should find the best professional dog groomer if you wish to entrust this task over to them. You can ask for recommendations from people around like your friends, a veterinarian, from a boarding kennel, a dog trainer, owners of pet supply stores or animal shelters. Some groomers are registered or certified by a grooming school or professional association, though this has not been regulated by any government agency. It is important that before you bring your dog to the grooming facility that you check it out. Is the facility well-lit? Does it show signs of cleanliness? Are cages the appropriate size? Does the facility keep complete pet records including not only the grooming but also medical, vaccination and emergency contact information? Are their staff members knowledgeable and do they appear caring to animals. How gentle are they when they handle animals? So there has to be a careful evaluation and observation of how they take care of pets especially when there is no owner around.