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3 Things To Check In A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are absolute pleasure for anyone who loves to spend warm afternoons by the pool but hates keeping in good running order. These machines are going to do all the work on your behalf but you should be certain that you are making the right choice. Here’s a quick list of things that you must look for in your prospect pool cleaner.

Number 1. Vacuum pressure – imagine this, you have dumped the machine in the pool and for the first 20 minutes, it is off like a Trojan, which gets everything on its path. Then all of a sudden, it begins to run out of steam. The next thing you know is that it is just pushing leaves and twigs out of the way instead of scooping them up. There are some robotic cleaners that could drop their vacuum pressure when the filter bag is full and for this, make sure that the one you buy is keeping the vacuum pressure up for the entire process.

Number 2. Filter size – it really looks fantastic to have a skinny and sleek robotic pool cleaner and you will be in awe for sure as it smoothly glides around the bottom of the pool. It’s done around half the pool when suddenly, you notice that the filter is full already and you have to lug it out and clean it. For sure, this will make you feel dissatisfied with your purchase. See to it that the filter size is big enough to clean the entire pool in one go before you decide to buy a robotic pool cleaner.
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Number 3. Step and wall ability – say for example that the bottom part of your pool is clean but the sides of the walls and steps still look green, it will probably not make you to look satisfied. There are some robotic pool cleaners that have great ability in gliding through depths of the pool but with regards to steps, it’s having a hard time to get there.
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And it’s also the same thing you find in walls. Primarily, these machines are designed to get up to the waterline and scrub algae off the sides. Now, say that the machine doesn’t have the grip or power to get to the top of wall, then you should not think twice to look for other brands that can do it.

Number 3. Navigation – robotic pool cleaners come in two variants one for instance has a systematic process which is used to clean the pool by steps and then, sensing where objects are in front of it and the other comes with integrated with an internal computer that studies the layout of the pool and mapping the most efficient path to clean it.