Planet KDE

You will see complete info about KDE Neon later here. I am new to the Ubuntu world. I have downloaded Kubuntu sixteen.04 LTS and it installed actually nicely. Now, I see that it simply comes with KDE 5.5.5.

Activity Manager tooltips have been redesigned to supply more data whereas being significantly more compact. Folder View is now capable of show file emblems that are used, for instance, to indicate symlinks. General user expertise when navigating and renaming recordsdata has been vastly improved.KDE Neon

We’ll present how KDE neon is used by Plasma builders to check their latest software and their releases. We’ll show how people desirous about attempting KDE’s software program lastly have a solution to the questions of the place to stand up to date variations.

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Ainda não existem ISOs para serem baixadas, é provável que primeiro lançamento do projeto ocorra juntamente com Ubuntu sixteen.04 LTS que sai em Abril deste ano, entretanto, repositório já pode ser utilizado por usuários do Ubuntu (ou Kubuntu) 15.10 sem maiores problemas.

Jonathan Riddell: It isn’t one thing we’re very fascinated about. As quickly as you add one other distro you double the work but you will still get many people asking if you happen to can support their preferred distro. Extra seemingly we’ll take a look at using a part package system such as xdg-apps so we construct software which can be put in anywhere with that. That appears quite promising and makes much more sense than constructing packages 50 instances for different distros.

We have also obtained a community contribution that outputs a Clang compilation database file. This permits Clang-based mostly tools to scan the sources precisely like the compiler, independently of the construct system. We’re excited to see what different generators the community may come up with.