Easy Tips To Get You And Your Cat Boarding Ready


Going on vacations or summer holidays excites everyone and it should be like that only. The question arises when you own a pet and especially a cat. Cats don’t like change. Normally, they are territorial by nature and so it becomes difficult for them to adjust in an unfamiliar environment and an unknown location. In this case, it is a tough job to put your cat in a boarding or to a friend’s place.

Heck, moving is stressful for humans so you certainly can understand how it would feel to your family cat. When you start packing for your holidays, make sure you don’t change the routine of your cat or lessen your attention towards him or else he/she would start feeling ignored and depressed. Here are few tips and ways you can consider before you think of moving your pet to a cat boarding or elsewhere.

In-home pet-sitting is better than a boarding

In the case of cats, as they are territorial, pet-sitting is a better option than moving them to a boarding.

  1. No Travel Stress: Cats normally get stressed out quickly compared to dogs. They normally are not habituated to traveling except for if they have traveled to a known place from their kitten-hood.
  2. The Comforts Of Home: Cats normally being territorial, are used to staying in their own place and home. Nothing can give them that comfort of familiarity but their own home.
  3. Convenience: There will be no extra efforts or trips for you to pick up and drop your cat to a boarding. With a cat-sitter arriving at your place, you don’t have to go anywhere to pick up your cat when you return from your holidays; your cat will ready when you arrive home.
  4. Home Care: A pet-sitter can take care of your home in all the ways along with taking care of your cat.

When you are left with no choice but to keep your cat in a boarding, you need to look for a good and safe one so that your half the worries get solved there.


Start Looking Early: Start looking for a cat kennel/boarding way in advance before you leave on your holidays, as the pet kennels start getting full in the holidays and you might get no vacancy.

Visit The Boarding Facility: Take an unannounced trip to the boarding and look for if they are clean and hygienic and most importantly whether the staff is welcoming and willing to give you a quick tour. Make sure there is plenty of fresh and clean water and that there are enough of cool off options for your cat.

Update Your Pet Vaccines: Make sure your cat is done with all his/her vaccinations.

Book Early: Just like you make your vacation reservations earlier, you also need to book your cat’s kennel early so that you can prepare your cat in advance for its new accommodation. Also, it will be better if you move your cat to its new boarding before you leave for vacation. This will help you check whether your cat gets adjusted to the new environment and that he/she doesn’t face any problems living there. This will help you to plan for another option if in case if your cat doesn’t get settled down in the boarding.

Call to Confirm: Make a call to the boarding in advance to your leaving on holidays that your cat is ready to be received. Also, discuss your cat’s routine with the staff and caretakers in terms of his medicines and food or anything else that your cat is habituated.

Give Some Space: Look for enough space in the boarding for your cat to play. Also, check whether there is enough of space between their food and litter box. Look for enough hideaways for your cat as they are habituated to the same.

Love and Care: Make sure the caretakers are animal lovers and are caring enough for your cat. They should be loving your cat sufficiently.

Security. Make sure the staff is well-trained and enough knowledgeable in the matter of cats. They should be alert all the time in case of any emergency or escapism. Also, see the medical facilities provided by the boarding in a case of any medical emergency.

Contact Details: Provide your complete contact details to the staff and don’t forget to mention your cell number and not the landline number. Also, provide the file of your cat’s medical and vaccinations history.