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Weird Exotic Pet Stories

Exotic PetsWould you be surprised to understand there could be a lion, tiger or bear living right down the road in your personal neighborhood? Furthermore, a persuasive critique of the quite idea of pet ownership in the context of domestic animals has challenged the possessive assumptions of the term pets.” As the animal protection group In Defense of Animals states, By disavowing the concept and accompanying language of animal ownership, we can reconstruct the social and legal partnership among humans and animals.” Guardian Campaign Brochure , In Defense of Animals, available at (last accessed Aug.

The possessor’s licenses, for instance, are only given to applicants for birds or mammals that have been lawfully possessed prior to July 1, 1980, and for other restricted possessions, not which includes pets. Coatimundis and ringtail cats are also closely connected exotic pets that are comparable. Wild animals are broadly available from pet shops, trade fairs/markets …

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Exotic Pets And Prohibited Wildlife

Exotic PetsAndy Carlson, who has volunteered at Valley of the Kings for about 20 years, leans in to speak to a tiger living at the sanctuary in Sharon. State statutes generally reserve the authority to list new animals to the director of the state wildlife agency. Michigan bans acquisition and possession of wolf-dog hybrids and big carnivores, although it grandfathered” animals currently owned as pets at the time of the laws’ enactments. As public interest in a variety of exotic pets increases, an unregulated animal may possibly be newly understood to pose a danger. For instance, whilst Wisconsin has no real statewide exotic pet laws however, as described above, a slew of nearby governments have swiftly passed ordinances limiting exotic pet ownership.

In March 1999, the CDC contacted every single state wellness department to figure out whether state regulations existed for sale of reptiles and distribution of info about contracting salmonella …