Automotive Digital Marketing Must Be Focused on Sales

Any dealer who isn’t taking full advantage of automotive digital marketing strategies and techniques is tossing money out the window. It’s no different than refusing to advertise or not having a website when all of the competitors do. Digital marketing should be embraced, not ignored, but all digital marketing is not alike.

The Important Word is “Marketing”

Digital marketing can get off-track and become so concerned about website technology and SEO (search engine optimization) that the point of it all gets lost in the weeds. Results matter and with digital marketing, there should be a measurable number of conversions for the time and money expended. The SEO provider must remember that conversions are the goal pushing everything else.

This doesn’t mean that a lot more car sales will happen overnight. Paid search ads can certainly accelerate the process, but most people either prefer to rely on organic (unpaid) results or to use a combination of paid and unpaid search engine strategies. However it’s accomplished, a dealer’s website needs to bring in qualified leads.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

SEO that is automatically used as part of the platform is out of date. It’s certainly better than nothing, but not good enough to compete effectively in the most competitive industry on the planet. Google (RankBrain) and Bing (RankNet) are now heavily invested in the use of AI (artificial intelligence) as a major ranking factor. Google announced that RankBrain is now officially the third most important ranking factor. Content and authoritative links are the top two ranking factors.

SEO needs to take into consideration the use of AI by the major search engines. For example, content needs to adapt to AI. Rather than relying only on a single keyword or keyword phrase, the AI interprets the intent of the searcher so that it can respond with the most relevant answers to the searcher’s request. This means that a good piece of content will include variations on the keyword or keyword phrases. This is the direct opposite of keyword stuffing, which is not a good thing.

The whole point of advertising and SEO is to make interested consumers aware of what the company or product has to offer and how it will make their lives better. Without professional high-quality SEO, a company’s website will not attract targeted visitors and convert them into qualified leads. Is your website producing the results that it should?