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Adopt A PetUnknown Backgrounds: Numerous of our animals come from unknown health-related, behavioral and environmental backgrounds. For instance, pet adoption will practically usually be much more reasonably priced than getting a puppy for sale from a breeder or discovering a kitten for sale from a litter. In adopting a pet, you not only give that pet a brighter future, you also create a precious shelter space for another animal to start the story of their personal happy ending. We permit reservations to be placed on pets for two causes: to permit an additional household member to meet the pet and/or to let pet-to-pet introductions (typically resident dog meeting possible new dog).

Every pet also receives a cost-free post-adoption veterinary exam and, if they decide on to go to one of our clinics for the post-adoption exam, a one particular month application of flea prevention as nicely. We offer you a free of charge behavior helpline, an on-line behavior library, pet training and playgroups, pet boarding, pet supplies and events for you and your pet. Pet adoption is speedily becoming the preferred way to uncover a new dog, puppy, cat or kitten. Comprehensive an adoption application for a dog or an adoption application for a cat and meet with an adoption counselor to understand all about the pet you want to adopt.

If you happen to be at the moment a renter, we require that you receive permission from your landlord and recognize the property’s pet policies, which includes pet deposits or charges, prior to adopting. The foster parent of that pet will speak to you and provide info about the adoption process. Read some suggestions on what to do before you bring a pet home, throughout the very first couple of days, and beyond. Considering that pet rescues commit so significantly time with their dogs, they are able to match you up with the perfect companion for you.

A single to two weeks after you adopt a pet from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, you will be contacted through telephone or e-mail by a single of our post-adoption specialists. Post-adoption support is one more Massive advantage to pet adoption.Adopters obtain detailed behaviour and healthcare info prior to creating a decision to adopt, are supplied with a package of resources for the duration of the adoption procedure and have access to our staff, which includes our free behaviour help line, for added support following adoption. If the owner is reunited with his dog or cat, you could transfer the $20 deposit to an additional pet.

If you have never ever owned a particular variety of pet just before, knowing how significantly your new pet will cost can be difficult. By putting identification on your dog, either in the kind of a tag, a microchip or both, you will reduce the possibility that your pet will become one particular of the presumably homeless” dogs that end up at your neighborhood shelter. Adopting a companion animal is a significant consideration and accountable pet ownership demands a considerable commitment. To commence with the most obvious (and crucial!) reason, adopting a pet saves lives! A potential adopter may spot a reservation on a pet they meet at our Robins-Starr Humane Center.