Dog Nutrients Needed

Choosing the right food for adult dogs are often taken for granted by most people. Not a bit of dog given human food or special commercial dog foods are more economical but not considered nutrient content, composition of raw materials, and more. This could be because the digestive system of an adult dog stronger, though carnivores but not too sensitive like the kitten or puppy when there are changes of food alone can potentially experiencing diarrhea.

If the nutrients are not considered problems that may occur is a short-term problem hair loss even with a skin disease and long-term age when more and more like the formation of crystals / stones on the channel pee, the formation of tartar faster, or medicine such as kidney and liver disorders ,

The amount of food intake for an adult dog is different for each individual dog, it is influenced by breed-dog body size and activity. The older the dog is given the protein content should not be too much to avoid disruption of the kidney. Adult dogs generally sufficient given food twice a day.

That must be considered in giving special commercial dog food is the content contained therein. Whether using real meat or just ‘meat by-products’ such as offal, feathers, skin, bones, eyes, and others? The quality of the food composition is to determine the price of the food, but also determines the amount that can be absorbed perfectly by the body so that the premium quality commercial food generally need not be given in excess quantities.

Allergies have many causes, the most common thing found is derived from food. Virtually all types of food protein sources have the potential allergens in the same degree (no types of proteins are more allergenic than other protein) is dependent on the level of exposure of the protein in the body, the size and structure of the protein. According to the study, the dogs and cats react to more than one source of protein, depending on the frequency of dogs and cats fed with the same protein source. Making it the most commonly given to dogs with the condition are often itchy commercial foods containing mutton (lamb). In addition a special prescription food that is hypoallergenic dog food also commonly prescribed to treat symptoms of allergies.

Hypoallergenic Food is a term that does not stimulate the content of food allergies in the body. Specific food allergies, as well as other allergic or in humans, is controlled by the immune system. Immunity using antibodies to attack any foreign material in the body. Allergy feed does not occur in any dog ​​and other cats. The reaction caused can be different. Depending on the stamina of each.

Other allergens can also occur because the active ingredient in commercial food preservative or content of grain in it. Corn, wheat, and other grains besides various types can cause allergies can also create bloating. Therefore you should also avoid giving treats of bread in large quantities.